Spiral Hill People

Kalle Ruonala

The founder and president of Spiral Hill Productions. Responsible for all the movie marketing and promotions of the company. Also the founder of Indeppth, and the webmaster of Tim Burton Collective.

Arran McDermott

The founder of Imaginary Cinema, the webmaster of The Tim Burton Collective. Arran is the writer and editor of a large part of the articles for The Tim Burton Collective.

Melanie McDermott

The webmaster of The Tim Burton Collective, as well as the key graphic designer for TBC and Imaginary Cinema. Melanie has also designed the Spiral Hill Productions logos.


Other Collaborators:

Kevin Schreck
Chief News Editor and Forum moderator at Tim Burton Collective.

John Erik Taylor
Communications Officer and Forum moderator at Tim Burton Collective. John is also a filmmaker and artist, and occasionally helps out with Spiral Hill Productions movies.




SPECIAL Thanks to

Also special thanks to all of these people in helping Spiral Hill Productions:

J.L. Carrozza, muffins, Vonni, Oz Rembrandt, Samuraizombie, Alexandra the Great, Redfox, fayansiarz, Pixie, cathy_022, Morgan Le Fay, We'll Carry On, Vincent, and all other important Burtonites, Depptologists, and fans of our movie productions!