Desperate Pursuit (previously titled Look Out!) is a thriller short film starring newcomer Jody Lee Harris as the hapless Debbie. After an idyllic summer's afternoon with friends, she is pursued home by a mysterious driver. Could it be that he is her jilted ex-lover out to exact some sort of pre-meditated revenge on her? Only in the last few moments does all become clear in this gripping film with a twist in the tale.

The movie is written and directed by Steven Forrester, who has an extensive experience in the industry as an editor, ranging from small British productions to big Hollywood blockbusters.

The movie is currently (March, 2009) in final stages of editing. You can view the teaser trailer for the movie here. You can also visit to see the High Quality version.

Kalle Ruonala of Spiral Hill Productions is working for the movie as a co-producer and unit publicist. The movie is produced by Steven Forrester's Cinema Cannaregio.

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Please also visit the official website of Cinema Cannaregio. (managed by Spiral Hill Productions)

Desperate Pursuit (2008) UK
working title: Look Out!

Starring: Jody Lee Harris, Michael Faye, Victoria Ruskin, Rebecca Holley, Bernadette Jane Vanderkar, Duncan Malcolm, Graham Torrington, David Whitford.

Written and Directed by Steven Forrester

Produced by Dionne Rose.
Co-producer: Kalle Ruonala