Building your movie to be marketable, and applying the right promotion and publicity strategies are keys to success in the filmmaking industry.  Too many filmmakers go about making their movie without a proper marketing strategy.  It is true that the biggest key to success is quality of the movie itself, but many filmmakers limit their potential success by missing out on good marketing possibilities.

This is where Spiral Hill Productions can help you. We are specialized in building and maintaining internet marketing strategies for movies. This includes creating internet publicity (buzz) through official movie websites, Social Networking and Social Media sites (MySpace, Facebook, Youtube), creating banner advertising campaigns, link exchange, public relations through movie news sites, creating and spreading press releases, employing different viral marketing strategies depending on the movie in question, and much more.

Doing any of this from the scratch would be difficult. This is where the Spiral Hill network helps your movie. We have a selection of half a dozen movies, and almost the same amount of movie related websites, which all have their own MySpace, Facebook and website presence with unique visitors and fans. Visitors for one of our movies or sites easily check out the other projects as well.   Thus employing Spiral Hill Productions immediately gives your movie a potential built in audience, and helps you to start building more presence and publicity for your movie.


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