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Spiral Hill Productions is a movie production and marketing company.
We also produce and manage a selection of movie related websites.

If you are looking for help in movie production or marketing,
especially in building and maintaining a powerful internet marketing strategy for your movie, please
read more about how we can help.

Also do not not hesitate to contact us to discuss with us about your movie and your marketing options.

If you have a movie related website, and need help hosting or maintaining it, you can also contact us. Read more about our websites here.


Spiral Hill Productions was founded in 2008, but the founders have been working together since 2003. Together they have maintained the award winning website The Tim Burton Collective, the most comprehensive and popular website dedicated to director Tim Burton and his movies.

Our staff has worked in various recent movies in Europe, USA, and Canada. Read more about Spiral Hill Productions here.

This website was first opened in August, 2008. The site is still under construction; more content and information to come soon.